Pranav Minasandra


My Master's and Bachelor's degrees in Biology were awarded in 2020 by the Indian Institute of Science, and by October 2020 I should have joined the IMPRS for Organismal Biology, where I will be studying synchronisation in social animals. So far, my research has been in collective behaviour and animal movement, carried out in affiliation with various groups at the Centre for Ecological Sciences and other places. I am strongly inclined towards questions that demand combined computational, theoretical, and data-driven approaches. In this direction, I have worked on four highly quantitative projects. I have also taken numerous courses relevant to quantitative biology, and was a Teaching Assistant for the course Quantitative Ecology: Research Design and Inference at CES.

My CV provides more details about my academic life.


I am extremely interested in reading old classic books and papers in various fields. I like using programming languages in unique and interesting ways – e.g. I have a diary made in LaTeX, wherein the LaTeX code was generated using a python code; I send e-mails using a command-line utility I programmed, and do all other manners of weird stuff. I am also an avid fan of all types of classical music, including but not limited to western, carnatic, and islamic. I have made attempts at playing the flute, and drawing whiteboard art, and am passably good at them. I have established and organised several academic and non-academic events, some more successful than others. These include the lecture series Umwelten IISc, the UG Theoretical Biology Circle, and the CES Shut-Up-and-Write circle, among several others


I am grateful to have been a fellow of the Indian Government's Kishore Vaigyanik Protsahan Yojana, which gave me financial freedom at a very early age. I strongly recommend applying to this scholarhip if you're an Indian highschooler.

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My proposal to the IMPRS for Organismal Biology was selected for funding under the DAAD Graduate Student Scholarship Programme, and I have accepted this funding to complete my PhD at Konstanz.

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